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Simply Relax On-Site Seated Massage was founded in 2002. While pursuing a different career, owner Nia Bellamy decided to return to her roots and received her certification in Chair Massage from Relax to the Max. Since being certified Nia has been providing workplace massage to many companies looking for onsite chair massage in Vancouver for their events. She has also attained other certificates such as; Hot and Cold Stone Massage, Crystal Light Therapy, Acupressure for Chair Massage, Aromatherapy Foundation Course, Aromatherapy Spa Practitioner and Reiki Level 1.

Nia was born in Vancouver and raised in Kelowna as the only child of well known Registered Massage Therapists Lyle and Linda Bellamy. Nia grew up in an environment where natural health remedies, modalities and massage were a part of everyday life. As the recipient of experiences in a wide range of therapeutic techniques, she has been instilled with the knowledge and values required for the serious pursuit and success in this emerging field of Onsite Chair Massage.

Her passion is to provide each person with a feeling of complete relaxation during their seated chair massage. This is accomplished by listening to your requests and addressing the issues you have voiced. She prides herself on attention to detail; because of this commitment to excellence you will always receive a superior level of quality and consistency. See why we are Vancouver's Trusted Provider for Workplace Massage and Special Events.

Onsite Chair massage is great at targeting key tension areas such as the neck, shoulders, back, arms and hands. Physically it will help to relieve your sore and tense muscles leaving you feeling ready to take on the world again. Psychologically it will help you with mental stress and fatigue leaving you with a renewed sense of well-being.

We can help; call today 778-386-6359 or email info@simplyrelax.ca.

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