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Pricing for Onsite Chair Massage

All events and environments are unique therefore we prefer to offer personalized options. Please feel free to contact us for your complimentary, custom quote for your needs. A 3 hour minimum is required.

Payment Options for Workplace Massage
  • Company pays the cost
  • Company/Employee share the cost
  • Employees share the cost between them

Typically chair massage sessions are 15, 20 or 30 minutes in length. If it is a high volume event, 5 or 10 minute sessions may be more suitable. For frequently asked Questions About On Site Chair Massage.


Contact us today by phone 778-386-6359 or email info@simplyrelax.ca  so that we can answer and discuss any concerns you may have. Simply Relax On-site Seated Massage service will make having onsite chair massage at your company simple, convenient and cost effective. By choosing Simply Relax you know you are guaranteed a relaxing experience.

We accept cash, cheques, or credit card. If your location is outside of the travel area then a minimal travel charge may apply.

We look forward to “Bringing Relaxation To You.”

Simply Relax
On-Site Seated Massage
Vancouver BC Canada


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