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On site Chair Massage is convenient, safe and an effective way to relax and re-energize in a short amount of time. Workplace massage is a welcome refresher in your fast paced and often stressful work day. Corporate chair massage is a leading choice in preventative health care for today’s most progressive companies. On site seated chair massage is a great addition to any ongoing health and wellness program. Both company and employee can Benefit From Onsite Massage with visits to your workplace weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

Workplace Massage
  • Weekly, Bi-weekly or Monthly for Happy and Healthy employees
  • Health and Wellness programs
  • Employee Appreciation and Recognition Programs or during Heavy Workloads
  • Company Parties and Picnics
  • As an additional Perk for your clients or customers to set you apart from the competition

Testimonial: Our office has benefited from being a "Simply Relax" client for the past thirteen years.  The seated chair massage is both relaxing and rejuvenating, and the staff have all been very impressed with Nia, who has the perfect mix of professionalism and warmth.  I would highly recommend this service. Deb Jaques, UniforUniUnUNifo 

Chair Massage Events
  • Refresher at Meetings and Conferences
  • Trade shows and Conventions to enhance the experience of the event attendees
  • Golf tournaments/Sporting events
  • Fundraisers/Charities
  • Company Bar-B-Q’s and Picnics
  • Movie sets
  • Product Launches
  • Sponsorships
  • As a wonderful Thank You gift to your valued customers or VIP’s

Testimonial: With an integrated massage component in our conference space, we recently used Simply Relax and invited visitors to sit, relax and let their tensions melt away! Nia and her team were able to do just that. Professional, calm, polite and accommodating – Nia was all of these things and more. Her gentle approach was just what we were looking for and was to the delight of our visitors. Nia’s participation certainly helped us to have a formidable show. I would certainly recommend and endorse Simply Relax.
Codi Shewan, Manager, Training & Development, Arbor Memorial Services Inc.


Reflexology & Events

  • Trade shows and Conventions to sweep attendees off their sore feet
  • Refresher at Meetings and Conferences
  • Product Launches
  • Sponsorships
  • Employee Appreciation
  • Health and Wellness events
  • Special Occasions

Reflexology is a great way to get guests off their feet with a fatigue relieving foot massage. By stimulating the foot’s reflex points it will alleviate tension and stress. Using gentle to medium pressure point techniques the practitioner will massage away that feeling of tiredness leaving your guests feeling revived again. Ask us how reflexology can be a great addition to your event.    


 On Site Chair Massage & Special Occasions

  • Home Parties & Birthday parties
  • Bridal & Baby shower
  • Girlfriend Get-together
  • Gatherings of all sizes

 On-site chair massage is an excellent addition to life's special occasions. For some added pampering why not add reflexology. A great way to sit back, relax and have a reflexologist massage your feet. A Massage Spa Party is an afternoon or evening of fun, pampering and relaxation. It is a chance for friends and family to enjoy a spa experience together. Let us help make your day a stress free memorable moment by bringing onsite massage to you. Choose a Simply Relax Massage Spa Party for your next special occasion.

Book your Massage Party today. Your friends and family will thank you for it. Please call 778-386-6359 or email info@simplyrelax.ca

We look forward to “Bringing Relaxation To You.”

Simply Relax
On-Site Seated Massage
Vancouver BC Canada


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