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Maximum Impact with Chair Massage

Set your event apart by leaving them with a lasting impression they can feel. Simply Relax’s onsite chair massage is relaxing, revitalizing and fun all at the same time! Our massage is designed to deliver an exceptional experience that your guests will talk about for days.


Trade Shows & Conferences

  • Stand out from the crowd
  • Your booth will be like a magnet drawing a crowd
  • Exposed to your product or service under the best of circumstances
  • Get them buzzing and making a b-line straight to your booth

Looking for a way to stand out from the crowd at your next trade show? Simply Relax’s onsite chair massage will generate and sustain booth traffic by creating excitement. Free chair massage is like a magnet, drawing a crowd to your booth. Your potential clients will happily spend more time in your booth giving you the opportunity to connect with them. They will be exposed to your product or service under the best of circumstances. Your message combined with Simply Relax’s onsite massage will leave them with a lasting impression they will not soon forget. Add reflexology to the mix and sweep them off their aching feet with a foot massage. Simply Relax’s chair massage will get them buzzing and making a b-line straight to your booth.


 Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Expand, enlarge and magnify an exhibitor or sponsor

Are you organizing a trade show, convention or conference? Offer an exhibitor or corporate sponsor the chance to expand, enlarge and magnify their presence with Simply Relax’s on-site massage. It will highlight the exhibitor or corporate sponsor’s brand by exposing their potential clients to their message under the best of circumstances. Add a complimentary service such as reflexology or arm and hand massages. Ask us how this can be a great addition to your event. Every event is different and we will adapt to meet your specific needs.

When you want your event to be remembered & talked about you can feel confident in choosing Simply Relax On-Site Seated Massage

Call us today 778.386.6359 or email info@simplyrelax.ca  to ask us how we can help you.

Testimonial: What an absolutely fabulous treat Simply Relax offers! Recently the Professional Organizers in Canada Association held a conference in Vancouver. And we at the BC Lower Mainland chapter wanted to do something nice for all the attendees. We thought long and hard about what to get, or what do for our members. As organizers 'stuff' just doesn't interest us, as we spend our days helping our clients purge 'stuff' all the time so we were looking for something more meaningful to offer our fellow industry pros. Wow, did we do the right thing by bringing in Nia Bellamy and her awesome team. During our afternoon 'Expo' event we booked 3 chairs and everyone that came by got a massage and we got to hear praise after glorious praise about it too. This was by far one of the best highlights for most of our attendees. Imagine how great a massage feels when you've been in conference all day, especially for our 'out-of town' guests too, who traveled across the country to get here. Oh yeah, it hit the spot!!

I was also extremely impressed with the competitive pricing, the ultra quick response to email and the effective administration of our order and invoice. As a business organizer this impressed me tremendously and I can tell Nia has a well run business you can be confident in working with. Way to go!

Nia, we can't thank you enough! I highly recommend your service to anyone having a conference, or wanting to give their team a special treat.

After all 'Stuff is just Stuff' and a gift of pleasure to help you 'Simply Relax' is priceless.

Michelle Panzlaff, Professional Organizers in Canada, BC Lower Mainland Chapter Chairperson



Simply Relax
On-Site Seated Massage
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